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Marc van Oers aka Electronic Sound Project is an amateur electronic producer and mixing engineer from Breda, the Netherlands. Creating cinematic ambient with experimental and classical influences. There are no commercial purposes related of his musical activities. Marc's musical heroes are Tim Story, Sylvain Chauveau, Pieter Nooten, Eluvium, Jean Michel Jarre, Amethystium and Max Richter. He began his musical studies with Flute at age 10. Clarinet and Piano lessons followed later in life.

His first two music albums 'The Chernobyl Disaster' (2016), followed by 'Inspired by Movies and a Radio Broadcast' (2017), were pre-nominated for the yearly Schallwelle Award that is organized by the German Electronic Music association ‘Schallwende’.

Warning: Listen to this music with or without a headphone at a safe and responsible volume level. My compositions are not suitable as background music, so do not use this album in the car or in other places where concentration and attention are crucial.

'For free RADIO / TV broadcast options, please contact me!'

All graphics [with a few exceptions, see description on object] on this website © Marc van Oers. 


Marc van Oers
Marc van Oers
Electronic Music Fanatic!

Madam Fleurtje the Cat
Madam Fleurtje the Cat 
House and Studio Secretary!

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